Wednesday, July 23, 2008

National Environmental Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony 2008

Welcome and Dr. Lawrence Kazmerski

Larry Kazemerski Inducting Stan Ovshinsky

Larry Kazmerski Introducing First Solar, Amonix, and Sunpower

Tesla Motors

Art Linkletter and Solargenix

Paul Glenney for AeroVironment

BJ Dohrmann, CEO Space

CalPIRG and Environment California

Shiva Vencat for Guy Negre and Air Car

Mario Van Peebles and Family, Mario's Green House

Mario Inducting Dr. Lance Williams of USGBC

Mario Inducting Van Jones and Green For All

New Energy Congress; Sterling D. Allan, Founder

PacWind; Phil Watkins, Founder and President

Rainforest Action Network; Randy Hayes, Founder

Set America Free

Southwest Windpower; David Calley, President and Founder

The Edward R. Mercer Foundation; Ed Mercer, Founder

United We Stand for Planet Earth
Together We Are Unbreakable

The National Green Museum and Environmental Hall of Fame hosts the Second National Environmental Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony and inaugurates the National Green Team and National Green Team League. Please see

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